About Us

Like most businesses, “The Comfort Specialists” is based on personal experience. The last 25 years has been, having very busy work lives, raising 2 active boys, spending times with friends & also being active in the gym. And, when we needed to have downtime, it was a challenge.

Our busy daily lives merged into our nights & we found all types of issues with balance, “switching off” & of course sleep. These issues impacted on our lives & in particular on our ability to be consistently active throughout the day.

We started to research & discover ways to improve our quality of downtime. We discovered not only different routine techniques but also products that promoted “comfort”. This included comfort at home, comfort in living, comfort while pregnant & of course, the all important, comfort while we were asleep.

At “The Comfort Specialists”, our aim is to share our story & provide our community with both the knowledge and also the tools aligned under our 2 main pillars of comfort “Sleep Well” and “Live Well & Health”.

We aim to take out the science terms & add in terms that we all relate to and understand.