Pregnancy Comfort

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences a person can have. However, sleep during this period is often not as solid as we would like. The body goes through many changes when pregnant that can lead to discomfort. During the second and third trimesters, it is advised not to sleep on your back or stomach and instead only on your side.

Let’s look at how we can promote pregnancy comfort and healthy sleep.

Before bed

As you wind down for the night, there are a few foods and drinks that can help you sleep better throughout the night. Walnuts, kale and bananas are perfect to snack on. Not only are they healthy for you and promote solid shuteye, but they also help the baby to grow. Chamomile tea is ideal as a pre-bed hot drink as it helps calm the central nervous system and prepares the body for rest. A cup of warm milk also provides extra carbohydrates that help us sleep for longer.

Get comfy and cosy

Once you are in bed, relaxing and switching off your mind before you turn out the lights will help set the tone for your night’s sleep. Make sure you are dressed comfortably for the night. In cold weather, a soft pair of loose-fitting flannel pyjamas work well. If it is hot, a loose-fitting linen nightshirt or pyjamas work best. Pick a fabric that feels good for you. Reading before bed also helps ease stress and is a lovely way to mellow out. 

It’s all about the pillow!

A good pillow is important for anyone to have a good night of sleep; however, this rings even truer for a pregnant person. There are several factors to look for in a pregnancy pillow: size, shape and material. 

Pregnancy pillows vary in size, from small wedges to U-shaped body pillows. Think about how much room your pillow can take up in the bed if you have a partner to consider or if you need to take the pillow with you when you travel.

Shape is crucial. A wedge is fantastic for propping underneath a body part that needs support, while U and C-shaped pillows are good for full body and growing bump support. Some pillows need more adjustment as you move around in bed while others are good for switching sides. Perhaps a long but straight-shaped pillow suits you better to maintain a more aligned spine.

When pregnant, our bodies can heat up more than usual. Therefore, look for breathable materials such as cotton, linen and bamboo.

Remember, while the days and nights may seem long the further you travel along your pregnancy journey, bub will be born before you know it! Try and embrace this special time in your life.